The Xaxis GoFundme Challenge to Buckeyes Around The World!

Xaxis Media Challenges Buckeyes around the world to help us raise money for Buckeye girl Ann Levingston-Harley who was seriously injured in a car accident last year.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created at and we are dedicated to seeing the goal of $20,000 raised to help find her her affordable housing and to meet her family expenses until she’s able to resolve her physical issues.

Every dollar helps,  and we encourage you to give today!

Contributors who email us at will receive digital copies of Xaxis Media’s next three publications for free,  or may receive any one of our next 2 years’ paperback publications, at their election.

For a complete list of available or pending works, email

The contribution period begins March 31, 2017 and ends May 1, 2017.

Help us help a great lady get the help she needs for herself and her children today!

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